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What drives us:

Sheltered Risk Incorporated/Kamp Kessa, (and its sister company, Cedar Fire Farms, LLC) just became the first (what we would call) ‘equine and forest’ facilitated human development programs in Kentucky to be recognized by Kentucky Proud. We are thrilled to see horses and forest facilitation of human development embraced as something in our state worthy of being proud of. Regardless of the individual interpretation of what our hospitality with horses entails, at SRI Kamp Kessa and Cedar Fire Farms we are extremely proud to be seen as offering services that are celebrated publicly as representative of Kentucky’s common wealth

Who We Are


Dr. Thecla Helmbrecht Howard (Dr. T.), Educator and  Health Psychologist and  Co-founder of Kamp KESSA, has worked with unique learners and women in transition for over 30 years.  Dr. T. provides the link between Equine and Human assets while addressing challenges and future goals.  She was recognized 2006 Wise Woman of the Year by HER Magazine for accomplishments.


Anthony H. Howard, M. S., (Mr. H), Co-founder of Kamp KESSA, teaches approaches to Earth based spirituality, deep ecology, Aikido and holistic agriculture. When he is not attempting to further the common good through the provision of workshops, consultations, and social justice advocacy, he can be found outdoors at Kamp KESSA, surrounded by children, youth, dogs, horses, and guitars.


Tania Tomani, B.S. Languages, has been serving Latino communities and special populations for 15 years.  She is now Kamp KESSA’s Resident Equine and Developmental Disabilities Specialist.


James H. Winstead, cook  and youth counselor extraordinaire brings a history of working with children at risk, positive attitude, and a willingness to go the extra mile.


Mark Vied (Doc) provides a look at what’s possible  by combining primitive art skills with mindful discipline in teaching horses and riders.


Anna Story, B. A. Art brings both visual and domestic arts to the forefront while providing a nurturing awareness of one’s potential.


Lilly Lee, B.A. English, with 3 years of equine human development experience provides a realistic approach for participants in breaking down needed skills into manageable tasks.


Terry Lee, one of our resident musicians, has also taken on the role of bee keeper and demonstrates a learning spirit uncompromised.


Nathan Arvin, horse trainer and farm maintenance director provides the skills and consistency required to partner horses with humans whenever needed. 


Jennifer Arvin, B.A. brings experience of working with special needs students as she helps to develop meaningful partnerships with children and horses.


Many other Kamp KESSA volunteers bring their gifts to bear:  Patrick Howard, LB Baker, Penny and April Moers, Dean Moffett, Wilbur Davis, Leann Sutter, MacKenzie Trost, Jacob Redman, to mention a few.

Our Company Our History, Our Future: Simple Means Rich Ends.  Our motto represents what we have stood for in the 12 years since our inception.  Sheltered Risks Incorporated's Kamp KESSA program has a rich reputation in Kentucky and the contiguous states. 

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